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About me

Visual arts background


When I paint I look into colour and composition. I am fascinated by colour. I paint with palette knives of various sizes to evoke the idea of ‘building the image with colour’. I aim to express in a spontaneous and honest way how I feel in the moment of painting. Layer by layer, different emotions appear, reappear and evolve. Every layer is charged with full energy and a sensitive choice of colour compositions which probably followed by subconscious memories, each layer would bring me closer to my inner self.

  I started drawing and painting at a very young age and since then, my passion for arts have only increased. Being creativity one of my strongest assets, led me into studying architecture. After my studies while working as an architect, I undertook several art courses in my hometown 'Santa Cruz de la Sierra' with re-known local artists including Herminio Pedraza, Tito Kuramoto and Roberto Valcárcel. I took also acrylic painting in Bern while living in Switzerland.

In parallel I have also developed a huge interest in photography, reason why I participated on short courses in Photography, art and architecture in London at Central Saint Martin’s UAL and later on also in Bern, Switzerland. While living in Sao Paulo, I attended Photography courses at Primelight.

    For the past three years I have worked as a freelance artist exploring the power of color as a medium of expression. I have also had training in picture framing by a wood specialist from Germany. Member of Herts Visual Arts Hertfordshire and of the Wynd Gallery in Letchworth.

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