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I enjoy creating unique items for home & living. Having an architectural background and a passion for interior design, motivated me to start creating accessories which will add a touch of colour, design to a space of your choice within your home.

If you’d like more information about my products or would like to purchase any, please get in touch today.




Cutting boards

This cushions are totally unique as the design are taken from layers of my paintings and then ordered to print on demand. They can be ordered in various sizes. Please get in touch if you are interested to order a cushion and we could discuss in advance the design of your choice and the size.

I create coasters on demand. The first designs where individually hand painted on MDF with attached cork as a base. It is finally finished with a coat of resin. 

Two other options are bamboo and cork coasters. I add then a print of a section of one of my paintings, or start playing with some of the layers of my paintings to create a new design. They are finished also with a coat of resin over the printed design.

Unique and various designs taken from layers of my paintings. They are printed on demand on tempered glass. These designs are unique and will add a touch of colour and design to your kitchen or dinning area.

Greeting cards

Square and Landscape format. Designs taken from  paintings.

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